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Livestock Feed

Livestock feed material is a material that can be eaten, digested and used by livestock. The feed material can be derived from plants and animals. All good feed ingredients derived from plant or animal is composed of water and the dry ingredients. The dry ingredients can be differentiated into organic materials and inorganic materials. Organic material include carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins, while the inorganic materials include minerals.
In General, the plant became a source of feed for livestock. In the process of photosynthesis, plants can use solar energy to organic food substances that synthesizes a complex of simple materials such as carbon dioxide in air with water and the inorganic elements from the soil. The largest part of the energy absorbed by the crops stored in chemical form of energy which can be used for livestock for survival or for the necessities of life and to perform photosynthesis staple on the network.
Raw material feed can be grouped into raw materials for the feed as a source of energy, raw materials for the feed as a source of protein (animal and vegetable), raw materials for the feed as a source of minerals, as well as additional fodder raw materialsand auxiliaries (feed and feed additive supplement).
Animal feed produced by members of the GPMT over 92 percent are poultry feed which consists of broiler, laying, seeds, range, ducks, quail and little bit of pig feed, cows, pets and other livestock.
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