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Aqua Feed

Fish and shrimp are cultivated, consuming artificial feed specially formulated to meet the needs of the essential nutrients needed by fish and shrimp to stay healthy and grow with optimum, as well as paying attention to the health of humans as a consumer of fish and shrimp. There are plenty of nutrition (nutrient) and essential amino acids are required for the growth of fish and shrimp can be optimum, which is possible by a number of feed ingredients including fish, plants, and processed meat in the form of flour, as well as fish oil and vegetable, hence all unprocessed raw materials with high technology to maintain the nutrient and amino acids contained, from raw material up to formed into pellets or other appropriate species.

The feed pellets are generally made on a form with two properties, there is a floating (floating) and some were sunk (sinking). Either floating or sinking are both assured of generating the growth that was equally satisfying, the depend on the species of fish and Prawns are cultivated. Apart from its nature, feed made with nutrient and size vary according to age and need for optimum growth. Therefore if the feed with inadequate nutrient, weight gain will slow because of their nutrient requirements are not met. Similarly, if the feed with excessive nutrient may result in decreased feed consumption and weight is reduced. Therefore we understand, so great is the role of Feed Manufacturers in the development of Aquaculture in Indonesia, to achieve optimal results, with the formulation and technology of reliable, trustworthy.

Aqua Feed producers in Indonesia, already contributed to build the economy of Indonesia, through the cultivation of fish and shrimp; Both in the provision of feed for aquaculture, freshwater, brackish and marine (marine fish), with the best standard, as well as paying attention to human health as the end consumer of the results of his cultivation.

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