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19 May 2016

Director General of Livestock and Animal Health from The Ministry of Agriculture Opens the 13th GPMT Congress

Held in Rancamaya, Bogor from May 19th to the 21st of 2016, Indonesia’s Association of Fodder Companies, or better known as the GPMT, organizes its 13th congress, highlighting “The Assurance of Fodder Availability to Support Competitive Ability.”

As the chairman of GPMT, Sudirman delivered a statement at the opening ceremony (19/5) declaring that although the Indonesian livestock industry is still improving for better stability, GPMT as the association of fodder companies is contributing a positive impact on the economy.

He believes that the livestock industry will continue to grow parallel to the increasing enthusiasm of investment shown by international companies towards Indonesia. “I hope the investment climate in Indonesia will keep on improving and ultimately attract more investors,” stated Sudirman.

Sudirman hopes that the new executive board will further advance the livestock industry, allowing the national economy to improve its performance. “The new executive board is expected to deliver programs that are well suited for business development and the people’s welfare in general.” He added. 

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health from The Ministry of Agriculture announced that the 13th GPMT Congress is in conjunction with GPMT’s 40th-anniversary celebration. “The association is long established, yet unfortunately it hasn’t been validated by the government because it is not registered in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights,” Muladno explained.


“Hence, I urge GPMT and the rest of 87 listed livestock associations in Indonesia to register in order to establish better communication with the government as well as to facilitate growth,” Muladno suggested. 

Muladno carried on by contributing an input directed to the new executive board to establish a synergy with farmers and the government. “Organize programs that synergize with farmers and the governments. For instance, the Food Security Agency, the Feed Directorate, or many other organizations,” he concluded.

Source: Trobos