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22 September 2020

GPMT Webinar "Opportunities and Challenges of the Animal Feed Industry"

To watch the GPMT Webinar Video, 22 September 2020, please click here.

The animal feed industry is a strategic and vital industry. This is because livestock products are a source of food for the Indonesian people.

Seeing the large role of the animal feed industry in the national economy, the Association of Animal Feed Companies (GPMT) held a webinar with the theme "Opportunities and Challenges of the Animal Feed Industry" through the Zoom application, Tuesday (22/9)

GPMT Chairman Desianto Budi Utomo said that one of the objectives of holding the webinar was to equalize the perceptions and understanding of all stakeholders regarding government licensing issues, especially for several types of imported feed ingredients.

The webinar also discussed the opportunities and challenges that will be faced by the national feed industry during the pandemic and the new era. Desianto also hopes that in the era of this severe pandemic, the government can impose relaxation of various rules in order to shorten the bureaucracy and deregulation by issuing policies that are more conducive to industry being able to survive.

Source : Poultry Indonesia