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17 January 2017

The Government and GPMT Target Self-Sufficient Corn Production In 2017

To absorb farmers’ corn production, The Ministry of Agriculture established a partnership with Asosiasi Produksi Pakan Indonesia (translated: The Indonesian Feed Millers Association), formerly known as GPMT (Gabungan Perusahaan Makanan Ternak – translated: The Association of Fodder Companies).

The General Secretary of GPMT, Desianto Budi Utomo declared that based on the meeting between the association and the Minister of Agriculture, Andi Amran Sulaiman, corn import is targeted to be squeezed down to 0% next year. This is intended to support the government in reaching self-sufficient corn production that is aimed to be accomplished in 2017.

The meeting took place in the Minister of Agriculture’s office following the previous coordination meeting with the association held in the Pola room on Monday (23/5/16) discussing the availability and the stabilization of staple food crops approaching 2016’s fasting month and Eid celebration.

“The meeting was very conducive and we have reached a new chapter with the minister. Principally we are in line the minister’s upcoming programs, especially on our involvement in supporting the government to accomplish 0% corn import in 2017,” Desianto explained.

GPMT records showed that corn importation reached 3,1 million tons in 2014, and in 2015, the number is cut down by 50% into 1,2 to 1,5 tons. “We have cut down corn imports by 50% this year, meaning the situation is very conducive, and we’re planning to further develop local corns. We’d like to help farmers to gain profit in order for them to acquire buying power and ultimately support the growth of animal protein consumption,” he added.

The Minister of Agriculture stated that the stock for national corn consumption is secured for the next 1 month until halfway June. The current condition of corn production is conducive. The Minister of Agriculture will continue to develop the production of local corn. The market price is decent, ranging between Rp3.200 to Rp3.450.

“In supporting the minister, we are ready to cooperate in succeeding the corn sufficiency program in particular, we focus on improving the production and the productivity of local corns,” confirmed the Secretary-General of GPMT.

The Minister of Agriculture initiated the meeting by congratulating the GPMT for the successful 13th congress that was held in Bogor recently (19-21/5/16). The meeting also includes an introduction between the new GPMT executive board and The Minister of Agriculture. He advises to synergizing GPMT programs with the government’s plan to end importation in the coming year.

“Congratulations for the new executive board. I wish we are able to synergize GPMT’s programs and targets in order to accomplish 0% import in the coming year,” said the minister.

Amran also stated that the government calls for businesses (feed producers) to become a pioneer in accomplishing self-sufficient corn production by improving local corn production and productivity. (wan)

Source: Infovet