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GPMT Ready to Support Shrimp Cultivation Improvement

Bandung (TROBOSAQUA.COM). The Indonesian Feedmills Association (GPMT) signed a cooperation agreement (MoU) with Padjadjaran University (Unpad) in the Shrimp Talks event held by the Indonesian Aquaculture Society (MAI) on (14/6) at Unpad Campus Bandung. The MoU was carried out by Unpad, represented by Unpad Chancellor Prof. Dr. Rina Indiastuti and GPMT were represented by GPMT General Chair Desianto Budi Utomo.
In his presentation, the Chairman of the GPMT for the Aquaculture Division, Haris Muhtadi, revealed that the GPMT, which consists of 24 fish and shrimp feed producers, is ready to support the program to increase the production of shrimp export value by up to 250 percent. GPMT data shows that the national shrimp feed production in 2020 will be around 400 thousand tons. "There is a slight decline due to this pandemic situation," Haris said.
Haris said the installed capacity for shrimp feed production in 2020 from 24 GPMT members nationally was around 55.2% of the total 710 thousand tons of installed capacity. It is predicted that in 2021 the installed capacity will be 48.9% due to the addition of new and taken over feed mill investments. The additional production capacity is around 160 thousand tons, so the total is around 870 thousand tons. "This amount is very sufficient to support the increase in national shrimp aquaculture production," said Haris.
Haris added that the challenges of the feed industry in the future include the sustainability of quality and renewable feed raw materials, environmental and climate issues. It is necessary to continue to look for and investigate sources of raw materials or sources of protein other than fish meal. Alternative protein sources to replace fish meal which are increasingly limited in the future include insect flour and fermented soy flour. "There needs to be a synergy from all related parties to find solutions to these challenges, including the application of the latest technology in the feed industry," Haris hoped.
Source : TrobosAqua